Designer Management Agency (DMA) is India’s first premier designer brand custodian. DMA optimizes your designer venture, driving it to exceed business goals and achieve positive results through a combination of effective alliances, partnerships and licensing deals.

DMA recognizes the importance of effective, mutually beneficial communication between brands and target audiences in this digital-driven era. From brand & e-commerce management, fashion advertising, public relations, licensing strategy, endorsements, fashion week management, affiliations / alliances to retail management and more, DMA offers tailored 360° solutions to elevate your luxury designer brand value across every medium.

DMA strives to revolutionize Indian fashion, jewellery, accessories, decor and interior designers’ presence on a domestic as well as global platform.

DMA functions as a responsive entity and designs hyper-personalized brand and communication strategies aligned with the latest industry trends relevant to its target audiences.

DMA maintains a well-networked database critical to define and grow your brand through substantial outreach, research, co-branding, tie-ups, media and influencer relations, market analysis, client servicing and audience engagement efforts.

A conceptual pioneer with a monopolized presence in the fields of Indian fashion and luxury, DMA serves as an effective liaison between high end designers and mass-market manufacturers with no less than 70 deals already under its belt. DMA is a well positioned boutique fashion advertising agency with an influential presence in Mumbai and Pune.